Bionic Prose

Bionic Prose is the personal blog of Zac Goodall. Its foci are writing and web development, but it will surely meander into culture, politics, and Spotify playlists.

Bionic Prose uses the Not-Another-Wordpress-Blog blogging platform created by Zac. It's built on the Node.js server environment, the Express.js framework, and the MongoDB document database.

Zac created Not-Another-Wordpress-Blog as a learning/portfolio project to hone and demonstrate his web development skills. As such, it currently only uses pure javascript and CSS and the Pug template engine. SASS and React implementations are planned for the future.

Zac Goodall

Zac Goodall is a writer, teacher, combat veteran, and budding web developer living in St. Louis, Missouri.

His favorite song is loud, his favorite book is long and pretentious, and his dream is to become a guitar virtuoso capable of flight.